In 2007 we started a support program which involved 12 children. The goal of the program is to cover the children's school-related expenses when they start the academic year and at the same time it aims at encouraging them to attend school. Sponsors, based on the children´s pictures, „adopt” the child they want to sponsor in a given year. Every year the children look forward to getting this support.

In 2009 we started building a school but since the inflow of funds from sponsors was very small we ended up modifying the construction program several times. At first we intended to construct a school building of 220 square metres then we built a small school of straw and wood which collapsed while we were awaiting authorization to start teaching. Not long ago we started building a 30-square-metre classroom whose foundation is almost finished. The attitude of the workers of the construction and inspection authorities is preventing us from finishing the works.

Since time is passing by and the children are growing older we turned to the provincial education authorities requesting permission to carry out academic activities in an already functioning school. We got the permission, so this academic year (2017) 12 children are being taught by a teacher employed by the foundation in a rented classroom.